IMG_2415Welcome to the Website of Joseph Haas, M.D.

(initial urgent appointments available within 48 hours)

Dr. Haas treats all psychiatric conditions for
patients of all ages (2-99), specializing in mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, sexual problems and sleep disorders as well as emotional, behavioral, and neuropsychiatric problems from ADHD to dementia. He has expertise in all subtypes of addiction treatment, including treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, sexual addictions, or gambling addictions. He is licensed to prescribe Suboxone (a tremendous recent advancement in treating oxycodone and other narcotic addiction).

Please note that we are no longer at the East Bay Drive location.

Oak Creek Office
2430 Estancia Blvd.
Suite 104
Clearwater, FL 33761

Phone: 727-723-2442
Fax: 727-796-7350

To inquire about fees, scheduling, paperwork and insurance, please call Nicole at the number listed above.