Addiction Books and Movies

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1. Believing in Myself-Daily Meditations to build Self Esteem and Healing by: Earnie Larsen
2. Staying Sober Workbook: A serious solution to the problems of relapse by Terrence Gorski
3. Living Sober by: AA Services
4. Addictive Thinking by Abraham Twerski, M.D
5. “Just for Today: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts” by: Narcotics Anonymous
6. “Daily Reflections” by: Alcoholics Anonymous
7. The 12 Steps of AA or (NA) sometimes known as “The Big Book” by: Alcoholics Anonymous
8. Don’t let the Bastards grind you down by: Georgia W.
9. “The art of happiness” by: The Dali Lama
10. 12 Stupid things that mess up recovery by Allen Berger, Ph.D
11. Addiction and Recovery for Dummies.
12. Mindful Recovery “A spiritual path to Healing from Addictions.” by: Thomas Bien
13. Willpower’s not enough by Arnold Washton
14. Portrait of an Addict as a young man by: Bill Clegg
15. Conversations with God by: Neale Donald Walsch (for Agnostics-not and for devout Religious. A possible precursor to 12 Step)

Bonus Reading

The Great Divorce by: CS Lewis
The 5 People you meet in Heaven by: Mitch Albom
Who Moved My Cheese by: Dr. Spencer Johnson
Mothers Who Can’t Love (If you have mom issues) by: Susan Forward PhD
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Dune: by Frank Herbert (Sci-Fi)


What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr.)