27, February 2017

OCD is at least in part a maladaptive system of self-preservation rooted in the need to make ourselves feel safe in an unpredictable world, where events and people and things important to us turn out of our control. We hold onto objects and routines more and more tightly under the mistaken belief that it will make us more secure, or give us the illusion of false control. But eventually we get strangled by our own maladaptive and ineffective coping mechanism. It can cause great suffering both to the individual and those connected by family or relationship bonds to that individual but treatment and help is available.

In the last two decades, the brain regions responsible for OCD have been discovered and mapped by MRI and pet-scanning techniques, if you or someone you know are suffering from this severe and disabling disorder, please see a board-certified neuropharmacologist and get some treatment for this biologically-based disorder as well as a well-trained Ph.D., or psychotherapist if your psychiatrist does not provide Psychotherapy.